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Positive reinforcement plays such big role in life! Whether it is in business, sports or life, in general, it is important to remind ourselves that “yes” we can do it!

Creative minds are “Rarely Tidy”. Creatives are usually known for working in what others would regard as a mess; “Creative minds are rarely tidy”.

I first saw a topography map as a child at Boy Scouts and I have never forgotten how cool and intricate it looked. All those lines outlining the edges and curves of hills, lakes, mountains, and plains. A minimal design style that showcases natures simplicity and complexity.



It's important to remember and see just how beautiful, simple and yet amazingly complex nature and natural elements can be. It always gives me a sense of warmth and peace of mind when I look at nature. Surround yourself with beauty and positivity with these great prints.


We are very proud to have partnered with a great organization called One Tree Planted. Their main goal is to plant trees through out the world and educate the world about the simple yet fundamental importance of planting trees.

People have become desensitized to all the scare tactics about the environment and its future. People want to be inspired and make a difference. This is where One Tree Planted come in.

For every product purchased on Solehab, one tree get's planted.

Learn more about One Tree Planted here.

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