April 25, 2015


Photoshop 1.0

I have been a designer for my entire professional career and an artist before that. I think the first Photoshop version i have ever used was Photoshop 4.0 but never version 1.0. This video is a classic and a big appreciation to the designers of 30+ years ago. Only 1 Undo, no live preview and rudimentary tools!


April 23, 2015


Leonard in Slow Motion

Awesome video by director Peter Livolsi starring Martin Starr. Starr plays Leonard who is moving in slow motion in an ordinary world trying to catch up with everyone else. Great idea, amazing edit!

Leonard (Martin Starr - "Freaks and Geeks", "Silicon Valley") exists in slow motion but lives in a regular speed world. When he discovers his office crush is getting transferred to Florida, Leonard decides he must somehow become regular speed to win her heart before she leaves town for good. (9 min)

Leonard in Slow Motion from Peter Livolsi on Vimeo.


April 22, 2015


Solehab Sets the Bar for Unique, Artistic, Elegantly Simple Apparel

April 22, 2015 (Dubai, UAE) – Solehab announces the launch of its new signature apparel brand featuring clean, minimalist designs that celebrate the uniqueness and creativity of each individual. 


Released in March 2015, the inaugural Solehab collection was created by Alistair Jameson, a French/American creative director who draws inspiration from a fascination with the complexities and simplicities found in nature and the design world. The Solehab line includes men and women's T-shirts, featuring simple yet eye-catching iconography and typography designs. 


“The market is saturated with over the top big designs, some of which are truly a piece of art, however I believe that we are all unique, and this should be reflected in the clothes we wear and what we have around us. Solehab is made for the unique creative mind. I wanted to go with the minimal approach that says less is more, and let the design speak without being loud,” Jameson says.


He adds: “I have always been an artist at heart. From drawing as a kid to sculpting wood, and later bringing this creativity into my professional career, designing both for print and digital. Just like in my profession as a Creative Director, I wanted to apply this creativity to my clothing line and bring the inspiration I give to my clients directly to the Solehab brand.”


Solehab T-shirt designs include intriguing prints such as Cassette, Tape 8, Gramophone, Gradient, Spaceship and Swirl, available in red, blue, white, yellow, and grey colours both for men and women. The clothing brand is available for purchase online at www.solehab.com.

April 21, 2015


Typeface by Jaroslav Hach

I have always been fascinated with typography. Being dyslectic i see things including words and letters more as shapes and for me typography design is a great way to express and represent this! The following work is from amazing designer Jaroslav Hach. Mixing typography with 3D abstract art. Simple yet complex. Stunning!


April 21, 2015


Colour Sale!

Quality is always important to me. I don’t let any sub-par products leave my shop if they don’t meant my quality standards. That said due to printing / colour issues (re-printing to get the perfect t-shirt) i am discontinuing certain t-shirt colours.

I have placed those t-shirts on sale so make sure you grab yours before they run out!

BBQ (Royal Blue)
Gradient (Light Blue)
Tape 8 (Gold)

Stay tuned, maybe i will bring them back in new colours ;).

April 18, 2015


Typography design by Luke Choice

Amazing typography design by Luke Choice aka Velvet Spectrum. Australian designer based in New York. Click here to see the rest of his amazing work!


April 17, 2015


KNGDOM Chess set by Blank William

I love chess! It’s one of the oldest and most played game of all time. I learned it as a child by my father. Always loved the structure and the design of the pieces.

KNGDOM Chess by New York based designer Blank William is awesome. His sleek black & white design is elegant and functional. If you’re a chess lover as i am you’ll love this set!


April 15, 2015


The beauty of the sea

I love the sea! It’s simplicity and complexity, it’s age and wisdom, almost like it was alive, like a massive benevolent organism. Bellow is some photography by the amazing photographer Ray Collins.
You can also check out his short on Vimeo here.



April 13, 2015


Keep Calm

I love nature, love everything about it! One thing it always gives me is peace and tranquility. I’ve always been a big fan to those nature ambient sounds and then i found this “Calm”. Perfect for work and home! Make sure you check it out and try out the various scenes on the bottom right.

With Calm for iPhone and Android, you’ll discover how simple meditation really is, and how taking a few moments out of your day can make you happier and healthier.

Calm Website


April 09, 2015


Michael Bierut on the Power of Logos

Throughout my career i have designed more logo than i can count! I have always found logo designing to be a great exercise in getting back to the basic of the basic of design. Bellow is a great interview with Michael Bierut from Design Indaba; definitely worth a watch!


Michael Bierut interview at Design Indaba.