Our Story

After a little over a decade in the creative sector, I found myself gravitating more and more towards what truly represent me as a designer, as a man, a husband, and a human being. I have always had a somewhat different fashion style than others and found that it was difficult to find quality products let alone a brand that expressed myself and suited my creative lifestyle.

I started by making t-shirts for myself and found that other designers and creative minds also connected with these. This is when Solehab was born.

It began with a simple goal, create a brand and quality
products that suited my creative lifestyle

More than products, a lifestyle

The Solehab brand and products have always been about my passion for design. Through it, I express my wants in a brand and my needs in products. Creating new products or making better versions of already existing ones while giving special attention to quality and design details. With only a few years of being online Solehab has already reached over 38 countries and it is growing quickly to become more than just a brand but a lifestyle.

Reached over 39 countries around the world
and growing.

Giving Back

Another facet of Solehab is the need to give back to the world and make a difference. We partner with a great organization called One Tree Planted. Their main goal is to plant trees throughout the world and educate the world about the simple yet fundamental importance of planting trees.

People have become desensitized to all the scare tactics about the environment and its future. People want to be inspired and make a difference. This is where One Tree Planted come in.

For every product purchased on Solehab
one tree get's planted.

The face behind the brand

Alistair Jameson currently lives in Dubai, UAE with his wife and six cats. Born in Belgium he traveled the world going to school in the France, UK, Dubai and finishing off getting his Multimedia degree in Australia in 2003. Design and nature have always played a major role in his life but when he is not designing or having creative inspiration for Solehab he is spending time with his family, traveling or getting ahead in Destiny on Xbox.