Acacia Wood Light Sculpture

Solehab sculptures use natural elements such as wood and light to reveal the beauty of the natural form and physical character of reclaimed wood. Flowing out from the center, between each suspended slice, light traces intricate details and hidden beauty found in the contours of the wood. Capturing beautiful patterns from all angles, these reductive and simplistic sculptures reveal nature through minimal form.

Made from a reclaimed piece of Acacia it has knots giving it motion. It is lit with a single low voltage LED light guaranteed for a lifetime of use. Connected via a 4.2 feet woven black & white cloth cord and 3 prong plug. 240v AC light. Aprox. 36 cm height x 12 cm diameter.

This is a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art made from a specific piece of reclaimed wood. The piece is custom fit with one warm LED light. Great care is taken throughout the entire process resulting in a piece of refined art still retaining a handmade quality and organic beauty.

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